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Thursday, December 4

Krafty Holiday Wrapping Ideas

Sorry for the obvious pun there with kraft paper and crafting, it was just too cheesy good not to use in the post title. As I've already been knee deep in wrapping my holiday gifts, I'm willing to guess that many of you are as well. In the past I've used various preppy plaid and tartan patterned gift wrap but this year I'm channeling my inner crafter/ hipster and breaking out the kraft paper. Gone are the days of Sally Foster. Parcel paper is the perfect base for any and all wrapping needs, not just the holidays. That I only have to store one roll of gift paper in my minuscule closet is another bonus. From red ribbon to greenery to vintage postcards, I've pulled together a few of my favorite ways to turn ordinary kraft paper into a festive and beautiful masterpiece. 

Wish I had time to have some instagram images printed after seeing this idea from Artifact Uprising!

Be sure to check out my instagram today to see how I'm accenting my kraft-wrapped packages this season!

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