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Tuesday, November 18

Thanksgiving Pairings

Everyone has there own Thanksgiving etiquette when it comes to the day's dress code. My family dresses for dinner in a comfortable but slightly elevated fashion. Easy dresses and skirts of the ladies and dress shirt and slacks for the men. I don't mind the little outfit change, I think is a sign of respect for the chef whose slaved away all day on out turkey feast. I've had my eye on this little knit dress from Anthropologie for some time - it may be the base to a perfect thanksgiving dinner outfit. I've also been obsessed with these blush hued earrings ever since I saw them on a friend recently. 

While we do dress for dinner there's also many hours of the day where outside activities prevail in my family. At some point or another the person in charge of the feast banishes kids and adults alike from the house. Chase some nieces and nephews, throw a football around and enjoy the fresh air in a simple outfit of warm layers. A friend gifted me a pair of these moccasins for my birthday and I love them. Just hope no one asks you to help shovel ten tons of gravel from point A to point B in the yard. Yes, that happened a few Thanksgivings ago. 

1 comment:

  1. I love it! That dress/earring/flats combo is completely perfect for Thanksgiving!!