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Wednesday, November 19

Florals for Thanksgiving Tables

With Thanksgiving a week away, I'm gathering ideas for table arrangements. I'm exited to have a reason to hit up the local flower markets and play with gorgeous flowers, it's been far too long! I've never been a true fan of the traditional reds, yellows and browns associated with Thanksgiving table settings so I'm branching out, literally, with my choices; olive and eucalyptus branches, thistles, and some kind of mixture of white flowers. Perhaps anemones or ranunculus or even some variegated ornamental kale, we'll see what looks good next Wednesday at sunrise. I think this naturalistic approach to the table flowers will be a nice foil to my brother and sister-in-law's heirloom silver, crystal and gold-rimmed china. Maybe I'll get ambitious with place cards, maybe not.

And when the party's over for the more delicate blooms, I plan to repurpose my olive branches and thistles into wreaths for Christmas decorations. Genius, no? My inner Scottish Lass is very exited for all the thistles! How do you plan to dress up your holiday table? 

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