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Tuesday, November 4

Sunday Suppers on Monday

Yesterday was a blustery preview of the winter weather ahead. It also didn't help that it was Monday. Quite inexplicably, Monday's tend to take it out of a person and I find the need to be a little kinder to myself at the end of the day. So, given this need to pamper and the plummeting temperatures, after my workday ended I threw a bunch of vegetables, herbs and stock to simmer on the stove and curled up to catch up on magazines and a few new cookbook purchases. I was only peripherally aware of Sunday Suppers and their monthly communal dinners before I opened up the cookbook, a late night Amazon purchase. Oh my, what an epic journey of food, photography and styling! Full of mouthwatering menus paired with equally delightful imagery this would be a welcome addition to libraries of foodies and photographers alike. 

Photography by Karen Mordechai for Sunday Suppers

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