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Wednesday, November 5

Kitchen Artwork

Confession. I got a little sidetracked searching for new art for my own kitchen while I was first attempting to write this post. I believe every kitchen should have a bit of art mixed in with the expertly or haphazardly styled pitches, cutting boards and surface appliances. A kitchen shouldn't have to rely on these items alone. Wouldn't it better to gaze upon a few of your favorite pieces of art instead of your coffee maker, no matter how fancy, while you wait for your morning cup to brew?

I love this little kitchen for all it's small scale quirks. No view while you're breaking a sweat of dinner prep? Make one.

She may just be the result of a stroll through the local sunday flea but guest won't know she's not been passed down through the generations. Sure to generate many a conversation.

Little oils tucked behind these dishes and serving ware help break up the monochromatic vibe of these open shelves. Proving, yes, you can have your collection of white ceramics and white subway tile too. 

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