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Wednesday, November 12

Inky Indigo Accents

It's no secret that my favorite color is blue. I was recently slightly embarrassed by this fact when a local showroom representative guessed my favorite color because "you're always dressed in blue." She's right on both counts, of course. There are worse things to be known for. Right now I'm obsessed with those rich, deep, inky indigo blues offset by bright white. So obsessed that a client's entire house heavily featured cabinetry and built-ins in Farrow and Ball Railings and walls entirely Benjamin Moore Super White. Don't worry, it looks awesome. 

My own home is a mix of blues and whites but sadly lacking in indigo. A rich, velvety sofa might be a nice upgrade from my six-year-old lumpy gray starter sofa. Or possibly I'll finally get around to refinishing my kitchen cabinets. Yes, I've vowed to remedy my kitchen cabinets on numerous occasions. Yes, they're still ugly but functional for now. Railings and Super White to the rescue?  

This runner. I've had my eyes out for something similar but have yet to come across something at the right price point. Why can't I just like red tribal rugs, there seems to be an overabundance. 

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