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Thursday, September 25

Early Fall Fashion Inspiration

I love my wardrobe but around the transitional fall months of september and october I start to tire of wearing the same things over and over. I'm sick of my summer clothes but not quite ready to show up at work and meetings a wool and cashmere wrapped sweaty mess.  I know, I know. Transitional weather is all about mixing your light weight gear with long sleeves, sweaters and scarves. But sometimes you need a little inspiration, thank you Pinterest. I'm loving pairing delicate skirts with chunky sweaters. But if skirts aren't your thing, skinny pants with lighter sweaters and scarves are equally appealing. 

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Wednesday, September 24

Glass House

I do love a good steel and plate glass window. There's something about the industrial/factory feel and the amount of light that filters through that I gravitate towards. And while I love a great structural steel window wall between indoors and out, I think they make equally amazing interior dividers. Keeping the light flow consistent throughout multiply spaces while creating necessary sound or visual boundaries. 

Oh for this to be at the end of my tiny kitchen. Steel french doors leading out to a tree-filled courtyard. It's the stuff of dreams, I tell you!

 I also love the use of a window between the kitchen and dining area in Nate Berkus' townhouse kitchen. It keeps this city kitchen, which all to often can seem dark and cramped, bright and accessible when entertaining while still maintaining a bit of separation when needed. 

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Wednesday, September 17

A Shelf Above

A little trend has been catching my eye recently among images on Pinterest and Instagram. A single shelf displaying little curations of artwork and meaningful decorative objects resting above the headboard.  It's such a wonderful little addition of interest to a minimal or neutral bedrooms in the town or country. It's also a terrific way to keep those little beside necessities, such as alarm clocks and books, nearby when there's little room for side tables. I should perhaps add a somewhat obvious caution that this is best avoided by those living in earthquake zones. 

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Tuesday, September 16

Hello Again, Again.

Why, hello there. It feels like ages since I last wrote a blog post, forty-one days to be exact. If you're reading these one, thanks for sticking around. I don't quite know where my motivation for blogging went this summer but it sure did take an extended vacation I was not anticipating. So here I am, hitting reboot. And what better way to launch into another season of blogging or working (studying, for that matter, if you're lucky enough to still be a student) than refreshing your workplace. Whether it be your desk at work, your dining room table at home or the bag you bring with you while you take up residence in a local coffee haunt. Here are some spaces that had me at hello...

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