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Wednesday, August 6

Magazine Mayhem


Lately it seems that every time I turn around my neat little stack of magazines and catalogs has grown exponentially into a messy mass ready to take over my coffee table. Does anyone else have this problem? Theoretically, I like the idea of disguising this plethora of glossies within my living room decor like these images suggest. Stack them in a basket near a lonely chair. Mask that ugly radiator under a window. Create a piece of art next to a fireplace. But would my OCD allow me to have such decor? Probably not. How do you tackle printed publications? 

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Tuesday, August 5

Denim & Stripes

Sunday morning I texted my best friend "about to make my own jean shorts - send help." Which started a back and forth debate about the much offending jort (aka jean shorts). You see, the two of us have little love for the frayed, cutoff, perpetual wedgie, distressed denim shorts that seem to multiply like rabbits when the weather turns warm. But a pair of nicely cuffed shorts with an appropriate inseam... I was beginning to see their appeal. So on a rainy, dreary Sunday out of infinite boredom I took a pair of sewing shears to an old pair of jeans. And proceeded to wear them all day.

I paired my newly shortened jeans with one of my many striped tops and a bit of statement jewelry just for fun. What's the point in diving off the deep end and wearing jorts if you can't have a bit of fun accessorizing. I know, I'm a rebel. Should you need a step by step method for shearing off the legs of an old pair of jeans, try this technique