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Tuesday, July 1

Bohemian Neon

I'd like to state for the record that I'm not always dressed to the preppy nines. Gasp! It's true that for the majority of summer I tend to wear brighter, preppy clothing but there are sometimes when I'm a bit more bohemian. And it usually occurs during the work week when my edgier (anything not striped, navy blue or Lilly Pulitzer) clothing comes into play. This season I've been really drawn to black and white ethnic/tribal prints paired with some brighter accessories. 

I've always admired the classic Panama hat but I've always been a bit too self-critical about how I look in them. This weekend while enjoying the Newport Flower Show with my mother, I changed my mind. It was riotously sunny and I could feel my skin burning through my SPF 50. Hat vendor and Panama straw hat to the rescue. I don't think it's half bad...

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