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Friday, June 6

Soapwalla Love

Ladies, fellas, mom (because I'm sure she's the only one reading this) let's get real about our underarms for a hot second. For the past few years I've been using one of those popular natural brands of deoderant in an effort to prevent harmful chemicals like parabens and aluminum from seeping into my lymphatic system. And here's where we get real, all these years I've been having to reapply at least once a day. Yuck, right? Last Sunday I stopped into Follain with a friend who hadn't yet discovered it's magic and walked out with Soapwalla Kitchen's Deodorant Cream

I know, a cream; applied with your finger. I was skeptical, too. However, not a full week later I'm here doing my best to convince you to go out and buy some for yourself. We've had some pretty hot days here this week and I've been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the vegetable powders and clays. And I'm in love with the subtle scents of lavender, tea tree oil and peppermint which pull double duty by also fighting oder-causing bacteria. One application in the morning and I'm good for the day. That's just how it should be. Am I right? 

Images via Halcyon Style

***This is not a sponsored post, it is simply my own opinionated love of this product***


  1. Follain is one of my favorite shops, so many great products and I love the way they designed the space!
    I have seen the deodorant there many times and often considered it but never had the guts to bite the bullet and go for it.. So I am so glad to read your rave review! I was planning on stopping by the store this weekend to pick up some body oil, so maybe I will have to bit the bullet and try the deodorant out!

  2. I just started trying this deodorant this week and am really liking it!!