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Monday, June 30

Signal Flags as Artwork

One of the great loves of the preppy nation are monograms. So what better way to add a little seaside flair to your home than said monograms spelled out with nautical signal flags? I'm not advocating covering your home with streamers of random flags, I'm a little bit of a minimalist when it comes to nautical decor (if over-the-top is your thing, well, go for it.) I happen to be of the mind that a few vintage or replicated flags framed or hanging mixed in with other artwork looks a bit more authentic and reads meaningful collection rather than trendy nautical. I also love finding large scale vintage signals that provide enough of a statement they can stand alone to create an effortless nautical design. 

I'm thinking of ordering this signal "A" and having it framed to replace an old museum poster that's seen better days in my Cape bedroom. It could even been a little DIY project using a simple frame and some leftover linen for the background...

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