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Monday, June 30

Signal Flags as Artwork

One of the great loves of the preppy nation are monograms. So what better way to add a little seaside flair to your home than said monograms spelled out with nautical signal flags? I'm not advocating covering your home with streamers of random flags, I'm a little bit of a minimalist when it comes to nautical decor (if over-the-top is your thing, well, go for it.) I happen to be of the mind that a few vintage or replicated flags framed or hanging mixed in with other artwork looks a bit more authentic and reads meaningful collection rather than trendy nautical. I also love finding large scale vintage signals that provide enough of a statement they can stand alone to create an effortless nautical design. 

I'm thinking of ordering this signal "A" and having it framed to replace an old museum poster that's seen better days in my Cape bedroom. It could even been a little DIY project using a simple frame and some leftover linen for the background...

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Thursday, June 26

Inspired Design: My Cape Bedroom

Remember my saga on furniture delivery from this post? And my indecision on whether to keep my new bedding white or go with a blue & white duvet set? Well I made the call to keep the basics white - and add just a hint of color with a long lumbar pillow. 

I kept the all white look visually interesting by mixing in different textures like the matelasse shams, large-knit blanket and a cute scalloped edge on the duvet. Something had to distract from that flowery wallpaper border, I really need to take care of that... oh and matching nightstands and bedside lamps would be great, too. I really love the bedroom pictured below from designer Ashley Whittaker. It's become my inspiration for this summertime bedroom. A natural woven shade would be such an improvement over the abandoned valence rod and roller-blind. 

Wednesday, June 25

Galley Glamour

Is this not the happiest kitchen?

 It belongs to Nicole over on The House Diaries. A little country, a little scandinavian and a bit of modern thrown in make this one charming family kitchen. And it's a galley kitchen to boot! Even Nicole admits that she wouldn't have imagined her ideal kitchen to be "the much-maligned galley." I love the use of chests of drawers on either side of the dining table, a genius addition of storage without sacrificing the light, airy breakfast nook!

Check out Nicole's blog for more detail shots of this lovely kitchen as well as posts about her whole home renovation. 

Tuesday, June 24

Stars & Stripes Forever

For the past couple of weeks I've been seeing posts about Red, White & Blue fashion fit for the Fourth of July. And it freaked me out. Independence Day means that summer is one-third of the way too fall. Yikes! But I thought I thought I throw out my own favorites for the upcoming holiday. It does feature two of my favorites, blues and whites. 

Whether you're spending the day in the park or catching up on some much needed Vitamin D, you'll need shorts, a comfy linen shirt and a cute swim suit with your favorite picnic lunch packed in a market tote. I'm loving this Caftan for either a dressier firework and champagne dinner or eating a lobster salad sandwich on a picnic table, scalloped paper wrapper and all.  

Monday, June 23

Delightful Design: Apartment 34

Just in case you missed it last week, Erin at Apartment 34 shared her newly redesigned office space. Having grown the team behind her lifestyle blog over the past year Erin reinvented her previous design to maximize her studio space. Sacrificing the solo desk space, pictured above, for a collaborative work table and a "creativity charging station" had to be a tough change but the new design is just as gorgeous. The color palette is still the divine combination of whites, golds and neutrals that creates an airy and bright space perfect for encouraging creative work. 

And can we talk about the bookshelf styling on the decorative shelves? I'm in love, going to have to get to work on my own shelves tonight! Check out more images of the office reveal here and here

Thursday, June 19

The Cannonball State of Mind

Growing up in Florida, the summer season, otherwise known as the months of April through October, meant spending as much time as possible in the closest pool. Summer day camps usually involved a morning of tennis, golf or riding in the baking sun and humid triple digits followed by afternoon swim time. Thank goodness for afternoon swim time. Sometimes it was a public pool, sometimes a club pool, sometimes is was a fellow camper's complete with crazy slide and water basketball hoop. Didn't matter. This week's high temperatures have me wishing for a nearby pool, the thrill of cannonballing into a cocoon of blissfully cold water is almost too much to bear as I schlep lethargically home from work along with the countless masses. Wouldn't one of these swimming pools be a delightful sight coming home from work? 

Tuesday, June 17

Summer Staples: Shorts & Sunglasses

While my weekday summer wardrobe consist mostly of skirts and dresses my weekend staples involve shorts and various tops, tees and tanks. A few weekends ago I picked up a few more colors of my favorite chino shorts in white and coral. They've already been put into heavy rotation, this instagram serves as exhibit A. Another summer staple are sunglasses. I can't go anywhere without a pair and my pale eyes thank me for the ultraviolet protection - I'm still loving this pair


Monday, June 16

Delightful Design: Joan's Loft

You're sitting at an antique, raw wood table tapping out blog posts or scrolling through your daily blogs. This communal table rests on a floor of polished concrete and is surrounded by walls of subway tile. The air smells delightfully of coffee and shelves are packed with artisanal goodies. You're sitting on Joan's on Third, right? Well, not quite. You're sitting a few blocks away at Joan's home in one of LA's ubiquitous industrial loft buildings. I've always wanted to live in a loft but they're few and far between in Boston proper. I love the combination of industrial surroundings with antique and vintage pieces.

For more images and the full story behind Joan's home check out the original article over on Remodelista

Wednesday, June 11

Books First, Movies Second

I admit, I'm not always a fan of movies that are based off a killer original novel. Of course there are exceptions like the wonder that is the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice and all of the Harry Potter films. In general I go in to these kind of movies with low expectations. I don't know if that's cynicism or a good approach to enjoying a so-so movie? This summer there are several movies being released that are based off great books. Do you automatically boycott such films or will you go see them in theaters? 

The Fault in Our Stars. Please don't go see this without a family-size box of tissues. You'll need them  and those around you who pilfer your kleenex will thank you.

This Is Where I Leave You. Tina Fey, Jason Bateman. Could be good...

Gone Girl. I freely admit that Ben Affleck is the draw for me. When I was imagining Amy in my head reading the novel I wasn't expecting Rosamund Pike but her portrayal in the bits of pieces of the trailer seems encouraging.

Tuesday, June 10

Karlie Kloss + Warby Parker

When Warby Parker reached out and asked if I would help promote the launch of their collaboration with Karlie Kloss, there was no question about my eager participation. I am already a vocal supporter of the company already not only because of their amazing selection of affordable eye glasses (I've worn my pair more than any other frame I've purchase in twelve years) but also for their Buy A Pair, Give A Pair philanthropic commitment. And with this collaboration they've furthered their Do Good efforts by donating to Edible Schoolyard NYC, an organization dear to Karlie.  

I just received the images of the collection's three sunglass styles last night and I'm in love. I have plenty of heavy, tortoiseshell sunglasses but these promise protection from the sun's glare wrapped up in lightweight, feminine and slightly playful frames. The MarpleJulia and Clara are available in either Heirloom Silver or Heirloom Gold and numerous pairings of gradient lenses. I'm really digging the Marple in Heirloom Gold - they'd be the perfect accompaniment to my workday sundresses or weekend shorts and tees this summer. Which would you choose?

Monday, June 9

Summer According to Domino

I really can't express how much I love that Domino Magazine is back in action. Even though we only get four issues a year, I don't mind because I know that the team has spent time curating spectacular spaces and content for each issue. I actually read them cover to cover unlike so many of the other shelter magazines which lately have stacked up underneath my coffee table untouched. Their latest issue release for the summer season had me oohing and awing just about every page. The colorful, playful vibes of the spaces featured definitely embodied the spirit of summertime.  Here are some of my favorites:

Designer Anna Burke's spin on a Florida vacation cottage was one of my favorite features. I love the mix of centuries and cultures in just the dining room alone: campaign style chairs, midcentury modern table, fishing pier light fixture... and let's all gaze in awe at the kitchen's ceiling. 

I loved this Nashville couple's living room feature antique furnishings juxtaposed with modern artwork. And yes, I do rather consider those antlers to have more of a statement art vibe. 

I'm already a fan of artist Sally King Benedict's artwork and her seemingly intuitive design sense, I loved her Charleston home, featured on Glitter Guide. Her new home was the cover feature in this issue and I just love her charming mix of bold, bright and playful throughout. 

Last, but not least, I loved designer Lisa Sherry's home tour. I've posted many of her projects on the blog over the years so it was such a treat to see her new space. For some reason this little hallway was my absolute favorite, something about the combination of moroccan rugs with the florally, traditional wallpaper just makes me smile. 

Images via Domino Summer 2014

Friday, June 6

Soapwalla Love

Ladies, fellas, mom (because I'm sure she's the only one reading this) let's get real about our underarms for a hot second. For the past few years I've been using one of those popular natural brands of deoderant in an effort to prevent harmful chemicals like parabens and aluminum from seeping into my lymphatic system. And here's where we get real, all these years I've been having to reapply at least once a day. Yuck, right? Last Sunday I stopped into Follain with a friend who hadn't yet discovered it's magic and walked out with Soapwalla Kitchen's Deodorant Cream

I know, a cream; applied with your finger. I was skeptical, too. However, not a full week later I'm here doing my best to convince you to go out and buy some for yourself. We've had some pretty hot days here this week and I've been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the vegetable powders and clays. And I'm in love with the subtle scents of lavender, tea tree oil and peppermint which pull double duty by also fighting oder-causing bacteria. One application in the morning and I'm good for the day. That's just how it should be. Am I right? 

Images via Halcyon Style

***This is not a sponsored post, it is simply my own opinionated love of this product***

Thursday, June 5

Inspired Design: Rustic Boho Patio

The one thing I miss about living in the city, in a third floor condo, is my lack of an outdoor space. I'm fairly certain this is part of the reason I escape down to my parent's beach house every weekend during the summer, so many porches, patios or garden seating to choose from. If I did have a patio of my own it would probably be a mix of wood and iron elements and a mix of styles. A little traditional, a little glamorous, a little modern. I love the idea of keeping the furniture base cushions white so I can play around with fun pillow combinations; obsessed with this ticking stripe outdoor pillow at the moment. 

Another must have for my imaginary patio? Lanterns and outdoor globe lights of some sort. Perfect to light at twilight while friends enjoy wine, beer and maybe even a round of Cards Against Humanity. And don't forget planters filled with my favorite summer bloom, hydrangea!

Wednesday, June 4

Painting the Trim Gray

I always considered myself a bit of a traditionalist, in trim color. Trim should be an appropriate shade of white was my motto. As it turns out, from a quick survey of my Pinterest boards, this doesn't appear to be true. I also approve of the use of grays for woodwork - window frames, doors, breadboard, etc. Just as long as the walls are a shade of white, let's not get carried away. I'm loving the way the painted trim in each of these different spaces is both formal and toned down at the same time. Something to definitely file away for future use...

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Tuesday, June 3

White on White

My sartorial love affair with stripes aside, I seem to have jumped aboard the light, bright and white train in my summer fashion choices. Straight from the pages of the J.Crew catalog, naturally, I was inspired the other day to pair my white lace mini skirt with a boyfriend style white linen sweater. I was a little embarrassed by the amount of compliments I received.  I guess it's time to add more than tennis "whites" to my wardrobe.

Inspiration Images 1 / 2

Monday, June 2

A Single House Kitchen & Patio

Admit it. You wish you were sitting on this patio ushering in the twilight while sipping wine and carefully prepared aperitif. Anything but return to the reality of Monday. Tracking down the source of this lovely patio led me to Charleston based historic preservationist Olivia Brock and her blog, Lacquered Life. Olivia and her husband painstakingly returned their Single House back to it's 1780s roots removing decorative architecture and accessories in favor of period appropriate options. Read more about their renovation over on Southern Living. I'm in love with the kitchen, all the function of the 21st century concealed behind built-ins and plank walled charm.