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Thursday, May 8

Inspired Design: Bright Bold Blue

 Just in case it may have escaped your notice, I'm very partial to shades of blue. Some people may associate this color with sadness as in "I've got the blues." I however find it both calming and restorative. I seem to share this love of blue with interior designer and stylist, Emily Henderson. Everything I've seen from her lately in the glossies and on her blog I instantly love. This week's inspired design comes from her recent appearance in Country Living with her take on a family friendly retreat in Upstate New York.

I'm more than a little obsessed with that rattan swing. It reminds me of the one on my childhood best friend's porch. And its early 90s floral cushion. Comfortable, yes - chic, no. Skip the cushion and throw a sheepskin on it to keep from walking around with those oh so attractive red impressions on the backs of your legs. 


  1. Oh my gosh I love this whole look. Just my style!
    Blue and white is my all time favorite color combo and I love that mixed with the natural rattan.

  2. Once I have an apartment that can actually fit a couch, I'm absolutely getting a navy couch with a variety of blue-patterned pillows. I love that pillow in #4!