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Wednesday, May 7

Bedding Refresh

Theres nothing like ordering new bedding for clients to make you feel like your own bedroom needs a little sprucing up. Now there's nothing wrong with my current bedding. I still like the pale aqua color, the pattern and it has held up well to washing. However, lately I've been feeling the need to hit refresh in my bedroom. My current thought is adding a bit more tones of blue into the mix as well as a linen duvet. I'm obsessed with this one from Anthropologie, whenever I see it, it calls to mind midday sun showers, the smell of salty air and summertime. Can you tell I grew up by the ocean? I'm also crushing on these sheets from Matouk pictured in the image below. A trip down to the outlet is definitely on the books. 

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  1. I love that linen duvet cover- thank you so much for sharing it because I have been looking all around for a new one and this might be perfect. I want to streamline my bedding to something a bit more crisp and simple..but I am not sure i want to go with just pain white. So this duvet in the light blue shade might be perfect!

    1. The light blue is beautiful - all the colors are which is why I'm having a hard time choosing just one!