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Wednesday, May 28

All White Bedding

This is a public service announcement - if you are purchasing a queen-size bed for any space other than a first floor ranch home, do yourself a favor and just pay the extra $100 for a split foundation. Resultant aggravation is just not worth it. The backstory is that after years of requesting a move up from the twin-size bed I had at my parent's summer house I was finally supposed to have a new, larger bed on Saturday. Yay, just in time for the long weekend, right? Ha. A certain CFO thought we had plenty of clearance for the foundation which turned out to be incorrect. Back everything went to be redelivered Tuesday morning. Cut to yesterday morning and the split foundation arrives without the mattress. A comedy of errors. Eventually after much back and forth the mattress showed up later that day. So now my only dilemma is what bedding to use. I was leaning towards this blue duvet and euro shams but the all white basics I bought actually look really amazing and cozy...

What would you do? Keep it simple or add in some color?

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