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Thursday, April 3

Inspired Design: Subtle Stripe Playroom

Children. They bring with them a multitude of toys - large and small - that no matter what precautions you take will end up in every single room of your home. So why not make their storage and play areas jive with your design style? There's no need to make a portion of your home into So-and-so's dream, pink castle if you yourself are more interested in calming spaces. That's why I love this playroom, found within the virtual pages of Lonny. It's super functional for the kiddos with lots of places to play, store toys and those carpet tiles are easily replaceable if stained beyond repair. It's also adult enough that I can easily imagine outside of the image's frame is a sofa, chairs and television for mom and dad.  But if bubble gum pinks your cup of tea, by all means...

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1 comment:

  1. Love that stripe bucket. We have one for my daughter's room and it is amazing! The sides totally fall down and it doesn't look as good as it does in the photos but it is a really cute way to keep the toys corralled and looking cute! I like that it can be used later too as they grow! Or around the house, my sister-in-law uses hers for shoes by their front door and it is so cute! I love that that playroom is not too little kid centric!