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Tuesday, April 15

Have Sundress, Will Travel

Yesterday, friends, I was able to leave the house wearing one of my many sundresses with only a jean jacket and didn't immediately turn into a walking icicle. It was glorious even if the lovely weather lasted only a day. In my book it's a clear indicator of more lovely days ahead! My favorite option for easy spring and summer outfits are usually sundresses paired with scarves or a light jacket. It's a blessed one stop shop during your hectic morning routine. No hemming and hawing about whether this shirt goes with that skirt, relentless searching for your essential black tank top only to discover it at the bottom of the dirty laundry hamper or other sartorial worries. 

While pulling together some of my favorite sundress options for this post I unintentionally selected mostly white, navy and black dresses with a hefty dose of stripes for good measure. For the record, this is pretty much what my closet looks like… 

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1 comment:

  1. Yesterday I wore the exact same thing, a fun little dress and my jean jacket. I am so excited to finally be able to pull out all my dresses again with this warmer weather! I love that stirped dress from the Loft.