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Tuesday, April 1

Flat Attack

I'm heading off to High Point at the end of the week for Market. It's my first time attending this bustling shrine of interior design and style and I'm bursting with excitement! My panicked packing might suggest otherwise but I think I'll get it together by Thursday. I've been warned by several colleagues that comfortable shoes are a must for covering as much ground as possible. And ground will be covered, I expect my Fitbit steps to be off the charts. In honor of my trip I thought I'd pull together some of my favorite flats and sandals that make being comfortable stylish.


  1. I always wear flats because they are so much more comfortable, I don't need the extra height (I feel so awkward being almost 6' in heels, and are so much easier with a toddler.) Thanks for the wonderful picks. Those Tory Burch flats are amazing! I just picked up the Miller Thong in black and now want the aqua! Those Loeffler Randall scalloped flats are so cute too! Argh! Too many cute shoes not a big enough shoe budget ;)

  2. I am such a flats or sandals girl, i almost never wear heals. I just bought those silver metallic jcrew sandals last week and I love them! (it's just not quite warm enough to start wearing them in Vermont yet..) One of my recent favorite flats that are totally comfortable are Tieks. I would really suggest checking them out, they would be a great shoe to wear all day while walking from place to place!