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Monday, April 14

Artist Spotlight: Jen Wink

I recently came across the work of artist Jen Wink through a popular flash-sale website and was instantly intrigued by her geometric yet organic work unexpectedly presented in vibrant pastel and neon hues. Though a less than stellar student of geometry, I do use geometric planes everyday as an interior designer. Like those of us who still prefer the beauty of hand-drafted space plans, I love that Jen's work explores a similar love of routine, graphic elements. Her geometric studies, especially, tug at my nostalgic heart strings, remembering the way I would doodle similar, continuous patterns in the corners of my school notebooks. All the while attentively listening, of course. 

View more of her portfolio on her website and check out prints of her most popular pieces available through Saatchi Art.

{Images via Jen Wink Studio}

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