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Friday, March 14

Artist Spotlight: Leigh Viner & Erik Barthels

I briefly considered given this post the title of I'm Running Out of Walls because it's true. My walls have rapidly file up with all the amazing artists I've discovered locally, through Etsy and on OKL and Pinterest.  I've admired Leigh Viner's mixed media fashion illustrations for a while now. I love her combination of line drawing with bold strokes and bleeds of color to suggest an earring, a dress pattern, a floral crown. Visually calming and striking at the same time. Erik Barthels' minimalist abstract works on paper are a more recent discovery. There's no question I love a good stripe, his pieces are symmetry at work with a dash of freehand lines. Pure delight.

My favorite! Add to shopping cart now, build more walls later.

To view more work check out Leigh and Erik's Etsy shops. Erik's got some great pieces over on One Kings Lane at the moment, like this beauty

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