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Tuesday, March 18

A New Frame of Mind

I've worn a combination of glasses and contacts since eighth grade, I still remember discovering that trees had individual leaves and were not just green blurs. These days only my closest confidents know I even wear glasses since I much prefer my contacts. However, I'm finding more and more that I need to give my eyes breaks where I forego the contacts for glasses a few times a week. Staring at a computer most of the day has its downfalls, headaches being one of the worst. As an incentive to wear my glasses more willingly in public I finally stopped into the local Warby Parker to treat myself to a new pair. After trying on every single pair and polling the entire Newbury Street store staff I settled on the Finch in Violet Magnolia. They arrived yesterday and I'm completely obsessed and actually excited to wear them out and about today! 

While you're refreshing your wardrobe for warmer weather, don't forget about your eyewear! Click through some of my favorite frames just released for spring.

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