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Monday, February 17

Worldly Decor

Despite my declaration to a friend the other day that "I want to get rid of everything" in regards to my collection of objects and other decorative elements in my apartment, she rightly reminded me that I would miss these items if I did something drastic like redecorate in a minimalist style.  Growing up, I was surrounded by my family's well curated collection of family heirlooms, antique furniture, souvenirs from foreign travel and works of art. It must have rubbed off as a look around at my own my beginnings of an art collection, my vintage furniture finds and unusual decorative objects cluttering up my small apartment. While I might dream of clean and simple design, I think I'll probably always have a more eclectic design style mixing these "worldly" elements with more modern furniture and calming color schemes. 

I've always loved this living room designed by Windsor Smith. Lovely, clean lined furnishings are complemented by black and white etchings and a few decorative antiques. 

Can we talk about that marble floor design? It's fantastic, a work of art all on its own. A combination of old world materials and modern geometric pattern. 

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  1. I'm noticing some themes here: gallery hanging, and loads of books! I love it.

    1. "gallery walls and loads of books" is a pretty accurate description of my apartment ;)