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Friday, February 28

The Importance of February

Twelve days ago this blog turned three. I find it somewhat crazy that I've been blogging this long when it seems like only yesterday that I started on a dreary winter day surrounded by cold and snow. Travel back in time for my first post, here. Or don't, fair warning it's pretty boring. February has held big milestones over the past few years - launching my blog in 2011, launching my interior design business in 2012 and this year, finally, launching a professional business website. I've always felt somewhat like novice listing my blog (where I had an interior design services tab) on applications for trade accounts and on my business cards. And so, the unveiling of Allison Whittemore Designs

It's a beginning, not nearly complete and will likely evolve over the coming months. I have some fun projects wrapping up at the end of summer that will turn into amazing portfolio images and by that time I hope to have acquired a little outside help on the logo/branding front. Until then, please enjoy the talents of yours truly, photoshop and watercolor paint. Lastly, oh pretty please, a new headshot! 

Happy Friday! 

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