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Monday, February 24

Finally, A Desk

Two years ago I sent my old ikea desk packing. I figured that my laptop, coffee table, dining table and I would be close friends from there on out. This lasted about five minutes and since then I've been pining over my lack of a proper workspace. Without the room for a full desk, I've been toying with the idea of adding a long, narrow console to one of the walls beside my dining table which could serve as both a desk (and permanent home for my laptop) as well as a buffet, if I ever get around to throwing dinner parties. These two spaces were my inspiration.

Yesterday was the last straw. Sick of having to constantly push around stacks of works papers and my computer in order to eat dinner, I took advantage of a sale at West Elm. Yes, in three long days I'll be the proud owner of a Parsons console table. It's the perfect width of my wall, not too long, not too short and I can stow away my bins of plans and my filing cabinet underneath. Plus, I've always loved the clean lines of the Parsons desk. Even though every blogger and their mother seem to have one I choose to take this as a testament to its ability to blend into any style design rather than as a trendy must-have.

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1 comment:

  1. Too funny--this was pretty much my story exactly. Went without the desk for as long as I could, until I decided the couch/breakfast nook just wasn't cutting it. Bought the parsons desk (reservations about popularity included) and haven't looked back.