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Friday, February 7

Everything is Better in Watercolor

Watercolor is one of my favorite artistic mediums. Too admire, let's be clear, it's a complicated skill to master. My grandmother Lulu had this talent and some of my favorite pieces my father has from her are watercolors done in Bermuda. I've repeatedly asked to have them in my bedroom but apparently a much better place for them is where they've always been, in my brother's old room. This is also the location of my awesome peacock feathered Mardi Gras mask. The injustice. I can guarantee that my brother would never notice if these items were removed the one or two times he visits our family's Florida house. 

Anyway, back to watercolor... Have you tried out the Waterlogue app yet? It's been all over the internet and instagram for the past few weeks but I've resisted since it isn't a free download. I finally relented last night and now cannot get enough of it. Just look as how amazing my un-styled, messy home looks in watercolor! 

1 comment:

  1. That is so fun! I've been wondering what kind of art to hang in our main living area, and now I think I have the answer - I'll make it myself! I'll have to borrow the hubs' phone though, since I'm an Android user...