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Friday, February 28

The Importance of February

Twelve days ago this blog turned three. I find it somewhat crazy that I've been blogging this long when it seems like only yesterday that I started on a dreary winter day surrounded by cold and snow. Travel back in time for my first post, here. Or don't, fair warning it's pretty boring. February has held big milestones over the past few years - launching my blog in 2011, launching my interior design business in 2012 and this year, finally, launching a professional business website. I've always felt somewhat like novice listing my blog (where I had an interior design services tab) on applications for trade accounts and on my business cards. And so, the unveiling of Allison Whittemore Designs

It's a beginning, not nearly complete and will likely evolve over the coming months. I have some fun projects wrapping up at the end of summer that will turn into amazing portfolio images and by that time I hope to have acquired a little outside help on the logo/branding front. Until then, please enjoy the talents of yours truly, photoshop and watercolor paint. Lastly, oh pretty please, a new headshot! 

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, February 26

The Flirty Skirt

I'm loving the reemergence of flirty skirts this spring. I type this even as we're about to get more snow and frigid temperatures here in Boston. However, I am very much looking forward to sporting some of these flirty, a-line concoctions this spring and summer. Dress them up for the weekdays with heels and a chic button down. Or get ready for weekend brunch, pairing their feminine lines with cozy sweaters, cotton tees and flats.  

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Tuesday, February 25

Beach House Dreams

If my soul was a house, it would be this one. This beach bungalow done up in aquas, blues, neutrals with white v-groove walls and plenty of bookshelves is calling my name. If I hadn't left Florida all those years ago, you can be sure that my home would look exactly like this with a few more palm beach regency furnishings. Funny how I was just talking to a colleague about this yesterday right before this image appeared in my Pinterest feed. Designed by the ladies at Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design this little bungalow is full of charm and exactly what you'd what in a retreat after a long day in the sun. And, they're right. After seeing these pictures I want to go to the beach.

Monday, February 24

Finally, A Desk

Two years ago I sent my old ikea desk packing. I figured that my laptop, coffee table, dining table and I would be close friends from there on out. This lasted about five minutes and since then I've been pining over my lack of a proper workspace. Without the room for a full desk, I've been toying with the idea of adding a long, narrow console to one of the walls beside my dining table which could serve as both a desk (and permanent home for my laptop) as well as a buffet, if I ever get around to throwing dinner parties. These two spaces were my inspiration.

Yesterday was the last straw. Sick of having to constantly push around stacks of works papers and my computer in order to eat dinner, I took advantage of a sale at West Elm. Yes, in three long days I'll be the proud owner of a Parsons console table. It's the perfect width of my wall, not too long, not too short and I can stow away my bins of plans and my filing cabinet underneath. Plus, I've always loved the clean lines of the Parsons desk. Even though every blogger and their mother seem to have one I choose to take this as a testament to its ability to blend into any style design rather than as a trendy must-have.

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Monday, February 17

Worldly Decor

Despite my declaration to a friend the other day that "I want to get rid of everything" in regards to my collection of objects and other decorative elements in my apartment, she rightly reminded me that I would miss these items if I did something drastic like redecorate in a minimalist style.  Growing up, I was surrounded by my family's well curated collection of family heirlooms, antique furniture, souvenirs from foreign travel and works of art. It must have rubbed off as a look around at my own my beginnings of an art collection, my vintage furniture finds and unusual decorative objects cluttering up my small apartment. While I might dream of clean and simple design, I think I'll probably always have a more eclectic design style mixing these "worldly" elements with more modern furniture and calming color schemes. 

I've always loved this living room designed by Windsor Smith. Lovely, clean lined furnishings are complemented by black and white etchings and a few decorative antiques. 

Can we talk about that marble floor design? It's fantastic, a work of art all on its own. A combination of old world materials and modern geometric pattern. 

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Friday, February 14

Valentine's Day / I Need a Vacation

Yes, it's Valentine's Day today. Hooray. However, if you were hoping to be inundated with pink, red and white on the blog today you'd better scamper off for now. 

The need for a mini-break to a warmish region has hit me hard over the last couple of days. I think this is due in many respects not only to the bitter weather we've had recently but also because ALL of my favorite stores have launched their spring previews recently. I need to be in Florida immediately where I can enjoy the 75 degree weather in shorts, cashmere tees and for the love of all that is merciful, sandals. No winter down-parkas required. Here's what I'd bring with me for a weekend away - just add a dress, swimsuit and beach cover-up and away I go!

Sources // J.Crew Rumpled Strip Pullover / Tory Burch Robinson Perforated Mini Bag / Madewell Hepcat Shades / J.Crew Chino ShortJ.Crew Maren Sandals / J.Crew Fluted Skirt / Bauble Bar Isabella Drops Earrings / J.Crew Cashmere Tee //

Now excuse me while I go stock up on all these things...

Wednesday, February 12

Inspired Design: An Entry in Miniature

Oftentimes small apartments leave us with little room for a formal entry. It's true, we may not be able to have the built-in organization or hall closets of our pinterest inspired dreams but that doesn't mean you can't have a dedicated "entry" zone, nearby the door or in close proximity. All you need is a bit of space for a small accent table with a mirror above, like this small-scale entry designed by Jamie Meares. Complete with a console table, clutter keepers and a place to check your lipstick before heading out the door, this "entry" zone serves as this week's inspired design...

P.S. Next week I'm aiming for an inspiration image that isn't neutral or aqua, I promise! 

Tuesday, February 11

The Year of the Radiant Orchid Horse...

Or something along those lines. I've been working with a new client for the past few weeks who requested a neutral, airy space with bright pops of color, specifically jewel tones. Since she wanted the space to feel calming I decided to stick with mostly neutral grays and whites and just add one color tone. Clutching my memo of Kelly Wearstler's Bengal Bazaar in magenta, I decided to suggest a deep shade of purple. Low and behold, well received!

 I think people are often intimidated by purple given its childish stigma but when worked in correctly it can look grown up and lovely. I love it paired with both neutrals and blues. 

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Monday, February 10

At the Piano

Growing up we always had a piano in the house. While I took piano lessons, I never truly enjoyed being forced to sit down and struggle with a difficult piece of music. This may be because I was jealous that my father could sit down and play anything he heard without reading any notes or counting time. I still play a bit whenever I'm home and after seeing several well styled uprights recently I can't help but think it would be nice to have one in my apartment. 

But let's be real. My neighbors would kill me. How would I get one up to the third floor without a crane and removing a window? And once it was in my apartment it would probably crash its way to the basement in an acme carton-like fashion. So for now, I'll keep this plan on the back-burner and just enjoy some inspiration in two dimensions. 

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Friday, February 7

Everything is Better in Watercolor

Watercolor is one of my favorite artistic mediums. Too admire, let's be clear, it's a complicated skill to master. My grandmother Lulu had this talent and some of my favorite pieces my father has from her are watercolors done in Bermuda. I've repeatedly asked to have them in my bedroom but apparently a much better place for them is where they've always been, in my brother's old room. This is also the location of my awesome peacock feathered Mardi Gras mask. The injustice. I can guarantee that my brother would never notice if these items were removed the one or two times he visits our family's Florida house. 

Anyway, back to watercolor... Have you tried out the Waterlogue app yet? It's been all over the internet and instagram for the past few weeks but I've resisted since it isn't a free download. I finally relented last night and now cannot get enough of it. Just look as how amazing my un-styled, messy home looks in watercolor! 

Thursday, February 6

A Fluffy Addition

Not too long ago a new design studio opened around the corner from me in Beacon Hill. You know the kind of interior firm that also has a shop front, every designers dream. But ever since they featured a fabulous Mongolian Fur Bench prominently their window display I seem to be seeing them everywhere. And I'm kind of loving them, whether they're mixed into luxurious living rooms or used in a fun bohemian design.

Are you now as obsessed with these fluffy benches as I am? Here are some options - the high, the low and the DIY

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