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Wednesday, January 15

Take A Breath

I got back from my "working" vacation last night. Waited in a cab line that ran the length of the airline terminal. Arrived home to an empty mailbox even though they were supposed to resume delivery today. So much for paying my bills on time. And then proceeded to write a list of to dos for the remaining three days of the week. A list that took up two pages on my legal pad. Yikes! I felt I needed a vacation from my vacation. 

Time to take a breath. I've never been one for meditation. Most of my time spent in this reflective portion of Yoga classes I'm fidgety and already thinking about the rest of my day. But in the wake of my anxiety producing mega list I decided to put on some calming music and just sit with my eyes closed for ten minutes. It felt pretty great actually. I got a few things accomplished that evening and then organized the remaining items on that list for the coming days. 

I think I may keep up this little practice of meditating in the evenings to help quite my mind, calm my anxiety and bring clarity to my ever growing list of to dos. 

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