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Monday, January 27

Restful Weekends...?

The past few weekends I've been very productive whether it's getting my tax documents in order, checking off items from my long list of house projects or catching up with friends. I don't know about you but these "weekends" tend to leave me feeling ornery and extra tired come Monday morning. When did weekends stop being restful and instead become days where we can't sit still for even a second thinking about all the things we have to do that can't be accomplished during the work week. When, in reality, some of them can. Take cleaning, for instance. This can be done bit by bit in the evenings during the week thus avoiding that three hour Sunday evening bonanza. Or laundry. Weekends are when EVERYONE else wants to use the laundromat or your building's machines. Why not pick Wednesday nights after work instead? 

I have another busy, fun filled weekend coming up with some of my best friends coming from near and far for a bachelorette and bridal shower. It's going to be great! Yet I also can't wait until the following weekend. I'll be dog sitting and plan on doing nothing but taking walks, maybe working on some tax stuff and reading snuggled up with two little cuddle bugs! 

What about you, do you wish for an extra day of the weekend, too? 

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