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Wednesday, January 29

Inspired Design: Scandinavian Sunlight

Is it just me or is everyone else craving vitamin D like mad lately! Yes, we do have a whole half-hour more of sunlight this month compared to november/december but it's definitely not enough for my liking. Due to this deficiency I've been gravitating towards light and bright spaces when I cruise through the internet. There's just no doubt in my mind that the Scandinavian countries excel at this design style, this Norwegian living room, for example...

Tuesday, January 28

Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert

While I've yet to discover a striped pattern I don't like, I was nonetheless very excited to see the new designs Bunny Williams created for Dash & Albert. Plaid is always a constant for summer houses but the geometric patterns are a fantastic departure for D&A! Oh, to have a covered porch or lanai to roll out one of these beauties upon. The downfalls of city living. Perhaps I can convince my mother that she just cannot live without adding one of these indoor/outdoor rugs to their back deck this summer?

Monday, January 27

Restful Weekends...?

The past few weekends I've been very productive whether it's getting my tax documents in order, checking off items from my long list of house projects or catching up with friends. I don't know about you but these "weekends" tend to leave me feeling ornery and extra tired come Monday morning. When did weekends stop being restful and instead become days where we can't sit still for even a second thinking about all the things we have to do that can't be accomplished during the work week. When, in reality, some of them can. Take cleaning, for instance. This can be done bit by bit in the evenings during the week thus avoiding that three hour Sunday evening bonanza. Or laundry. Weekends are when EVERYONE else wants to use the laundromat or your building's machines. Why not pick Wednesday nights after work instead? 

I have another busy, fun filled weekend coming up with some of my best friends coming from near and far for a bachelorette and bridal shower. It's going to be great! Yet I also can't wait until the following weekend. I'll be dog sitting and plan on doing nothing but taking walks, maybe working on some tax stuff and reading snuggled up with two little cuddle bugs! 

What about you, do you wish for an extra day of the weekend, too? 

Thursday, January 23

Lindsey Adelman Lighting

I find the greatest things of Pinterest. And what I really mean is, every once in a while I remember to go back and look through my own boards and rediscover something great. Isn't this how it normally works? Anyway this morning while wracking my brain for blog inspiration, I came across a fabulous light fixture I'd pinned from Lindsey Adelman Studio. I love this first fixture with its nod to the nautical life but her other pieces are just at powerful and striking. It was hard to choose only a handful to repost here. You must visit her portfolio and don't forget to check out her custom work while you're at it. 

Wednesday, January 22

Inspired Design: Parisienne Mod

Waking up is hard to do. Especially on a gray snowy day like today. It would be even more difficult if my bedroom was as cozy and inviting as this gorgeous bedroom. Plenty of old world charm to be had from the antique mirror to the fireplace surround to the french doors with scrolling ironwork peaking through their panes. Yet these traditional features don't weigh on the space. Instead they are offset and I'd argue enhanced by the minimal modern furnishings and the neutral color palette.

Thursday, January 16

Picks of the Week 1.16.14

I stopped into Crate & Barrel the other day to pick up a couple more Working Jars for smoothies and left adding a bunch of items to my mental wishlist. There was just so much items in varying shades of aqua, Carrara, whites and grays. That little dining table (looks much better in person) is killing me - Carrara top with bleach-gray legs. I think I just found my new dining table. 

Sources // 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

And those modern windsor chairs in aqua. I may have an undiagnosed obsession with aqua. Glances around at blog design in shame. Don't know where it's going to go but that zig-zag oversized vase needs to come home with me. 

Wednesday, January 15

Take A Breath

I got back from my "working" vacation last night. Waited in a cab line that ran the length of the airline terminal. Arrived home to an empty mailbox even though they were supposed to resume delivery today. So much for paying my bills on time. And then proceeded to write a list of to dos for the remaining three days of the week. A list that took up two pages on my legal pad. Yikes! I felt I needed a vacation from my vacation. 

Time to take a breath. I've never been one for meditation. Most of my time spent in this reflective portion of Yoga classes I'm fidgety and already thinking about the rest of my day. But in the wake of my anxiety producing mega list I decided to put on some calming music and just sit with my eyes closed for ten minutes. It felt pretty great actually. I got a few things accomplished that evening and then organized the remaining items on that list for the coming days. 

I think I may keep up this little practice of meditating in the evenings to help quite my mind, calm my anxiety and bring clarity to my ever growing list of to dos. 

Tuesday, January 14

Return of the Fainting Couch

Fainting Couch. Chaise. Day Bed. Backless Settee. Whatever you want to call it, I've noticed this piece of furniture becoming increasingly popular in both large scale and diminutive designs. Truly versatile, they can be a helpful way to bridge two spaces in a long salon-like living room, used in a corner of a bedroom to create a reading nook or provide a comfortable retreat for parents in their child's nursery. 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 56}

Monday, January 13

Decorating with White

After the holidays I found myself, unexpectedly, without the internet. And while unplugging once in a while is good for your overall health, when this occurs without planning it can lead to panic attacks and too many early mornings spent at the only Starbucks on the island using sub-par free wifi. It can also lead to rediscovering your local library. This is where I picked up a copy of Country Living's Decorating with White cementing my love of amazing neutral spaces. I only had to click through my pinterest boards to confirm this. 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 }