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Monday, September 30

Floral 101: Anemones

While I'll never say no thank you to a beautiful hydrangea or an arrangement of peonies, I also love the graceful presence of the anemone. These ethereal blooms are aptly named, anemone is greek for daughter of the wind and literature attributes its creation to the goddess Venus. I first discovered this delightful bloom in February and kept up a weekly trip to the flower market to resupply until it went out of season during the summer. But now that they're back, I'm budgeting in a weekly bouquet. Just keep in mind that their stems are hollow so they are susceptible to rot if left in deep water. Add only a few inches of water at a time and you're good for about nine days, a little more care than an ordinary farmer's market bouquet but well worth it. 

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Friday, September 27

Modern Leather

I love a good leather chair, beaten-up, distressed, lived-in leather chairs. Most of the one's I've sat in through the years have been of the traditional, club chair variety but lately I've been drawn to a more modern leather chair. I've been giving some serious thought to replacing my traditional leather chair with a great modern metal & chestnut colored leather option.

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Tuesday, September 24

Styling The Forgotten Table

The humble side table. It gets so little respect. I feel like everywhere you turn someone has written a post or pinned images of "how to style a bookshelf" or "how to style a coffee table" but we often forget that our side tables could use a little love as well. I mean it puts up with water rings and other beverage related abuses on a daily basis and sometimes it's only ornamentation is a lamp. What about a few books, a candle, some cute matches or a vase full of seasonal flowers in addition to that lamp? And while you're at it, a couple coaster's wouldn't hurt either. 

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Monday, September 23

Cozy Up Your Nest

Fall is lovely but let's not forget that winter is coming. Bringing with it the icy cold, felt most especially in the evenings when no matter how much you crank up the heat it's still freezing when you go to bed. I've started to bring out my extra throws and faux fur blankets to prepare for warding off those awful chills from your fingers to your toes. I'm loving all these images of divinely layered beds that fit in all styles of decor from rustic to luxe. With a layered bed all you'll need to worry about are those horrible days when the alarm is blaring but you just can't bear to stretch an arm into the iciness that awaits outside the warmth of your covers. 

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Friday, September 20

Falling for Autumn Fashion

So we're back in a heatwave, I've had to drag my summer clothes back out of storage. Very displeasing as I was so looking forward to this fall/winter transition filled with lots of grays and camel neutrals, cute tweed skits, cable knits, lots of tartan and flannel and of course my darling Barbour Jacket. If you don't have a Barbour, you're not living. Just my humble opinion. They're just as at home on a hack through the countryside as they are running around the city on weekend errands. Take a look at some of my fall fashion inspiration...

Sources // Fall for Neutrals 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5  
Cozy for the Country 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

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Monday, September 16

The Gardens of Le Batiment

My love of history and interiors has often gone hand-in-hand, most especially when it involves historic architecture whether is be a castle, mansion, palace or a remnant of Hadrian's Wall. Seriously. On a trip to Scotland I think I may have made my parents stop the car at every single ruin along Hadrian's Wall. At about the third, they had this wearied, chagrined look about them. Not another pile of old rocks! But to me, as I ran about explaining roman fort structure to them for the umpteenth time, every single stone was a remarkable pieces of history. I think this passion for historic architecture is why out of all the lovely homes in this month's House Beautiful, I was most intrigued by the feature on Le Batiment, the private home of renowned conductor William Christie, in France. 

Built in the 16th century by an aristocratic family, the home fell into ruin, at one point serving as a tenant farm with livestock living in the grand salon! Christie purchased what was shell of stone , listed on the historic register, and set about restoring the home to it's glory days. And he added historically appropriate gardens, acres and acres which keep evolving. These gardens, based off French and Italian designs of the 17th and 18th centuries, were even recognized my the French Government as a "National" monument in their own right. They're truly marvelous, I'm so glad that the digital edition of the magazine included these bonus images. 

P.S. Happy pinning, Mom (she's a gardening guru).

{Photography by Simon Watson for House Beautiful}

Friday, September 13

The New Updo

Summer came back with a vengeance these past two days here in Massachusetts, I speculate that the weather was especially brutal due to the fact that Team EGD was styling a photo shoot. Every shoot this summer seemed to be on abominably hot days. As a long-haired gal I need to corral my locks up and away from my neck and back during the hot weather. Otherwise, I'm miserable. Simple, throw it up into a high pony or top knot, right? Yes and no. I find myself having to constantly fix my hair in these styles which is irritating, especially when I'm on the go all day long running around the city or just up and down flights of stairs in a town home. Enter, the "Princess" or "Gibson" roll style. Basically, secure all your hair in an elegant manner using only a headband elastic and hairspray. 

I've wanted to try this style all summer but none of the "how-to" posts floating around were very helpful. Until, I discovered a video on Birchbox's blog. It really can't be easier, practice once or twice and soon you'll be creating this look with ease. 

You can even wrap hair all the way around the front of the headband if it's not a fancy one. Added bonus, put your hair up like this in the morning and before heading out for the evening, take it down and you'll have the most amazing curls. My hair never stays curled, even when professionals attempt it but mine lasted until all evening and then some! 

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Thursday, September 12

Picks of the Week 9.12.13

Is anyone else as obsessed as I am with foxes? With their pointy little noises and intelligent eyes? I was running around Target the other day supposedly focused on my shopping lists when I spied two things that caught my eye. The first was a fun little wooden serving tray with fox-shaped handles (it came home with me). The second was a brass bar cart. Yes, you read that correctly. That lovely little bar cart you see below is from Target. Speechless, right? I know. 

I have to say that this week's theme might have also been influenced by this so-terrible-it's-sort-of-amazing music video

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Wednesday, September 11

"Tom Scheerer Decorates"

I've been anticipating the release of Tom Scheerer's first book, Tom Scheerer Decorates, for months now. You may remember this post featuring his work in a Watch Hill summer home. I love his restrained and playful old-world style which he refers to as "natural" design. The method behind this design style is incorporating a mix of contemporary, modernist and antique elements which reflect both the client's personality and the home's environment. 

I love this little girl's room from one of his Bahamian projects. Not childish, not overly feminine and the coolest four-posters around. I think in my old age I'll have to move to the Bahamas or at least back to an awesome little Old-Florida home because the decor makes me gleeful!

And this den... there aren't any words for the glorious combination of light blue, lilac, grasscloth and an insane ceiling treatment. 

I'm going to have to put running to the local bookstore on my list of things to do this weekend!

{Photography by Francesco Lagnese featured in Canadian House & Home}