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Tuesday, December 3

Holiday Detoxing

I don't know about you all but when it comes to holidays I tend to overindulge in rich food and simple sugars. No surprise, I woke up the Sunday after Thanksgiving feeling moody, lethargic and not at all in the holiday spirit as a result. In order to get my energy back in time to celebrate these festive few weeks, I've planned a week of detox meals. And no, I don't mean I've ordered a fancy juice cleanse. I'm just being more conscious about eating healthy, energy-filled foods. And for me that means no meat, no gluten and very little cheese. These are some of my favorite detox meals that will leave you feeling satisfied without any of that awful rib-sticking sensations. 

I made this last night for Dinner. It's one of GP's recipes - the Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Kale Skillet. It could have been awful and tasteless. But I guarantee you'll enjoy this vegan and g-free dish with its complex flavors of cumin and sumac combined with the zip of fresh lime juice!

Next up is a Superfood Salad from The First Mess. Chock full of kale, beets, avocados & super-seeds, it's dressed with a Blueberry-Ginger vinaigrette. Yum! And it's easy to substitute or add in other ingredients like oranges and pomegranate seeds.  

And lastly another heartier dish, yet also completely gluten free, The Little Red House's Grilled Beet with Cilantro Quinoa. Lots of herb and spice goodness in the quinoa and even a little bit a warm goat cheese atop the beets. You could use the generic red beet but I prefer to use yellow beets to avoid beet-juice stains all over my kitchen. Fun fact, beets help clean out toxins from your liver! 

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