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Monday, December 2

Deck the Halls

Recently, I shocked some of my friends with the fact that I've never had a real christmas tree. Well, at least not that I remember. My mother tells me that when I was a baby she used to drive all over Naples, with me buckled into my car seat, looking for a live Christmas tree and often only finding trees resembling Charlie Brown's for exorbitant prices. And then to odd insult to injury, they would brown before the twenty-fifth. I think one or two years of this was enough for my parents and ever since we've been dragging old-trusty, the fake tree, down from the attic. 

But not this year. This year we're celebrating up north for the first time in my twenty-eight years. We'll still leave the real tree and its messy falling needles to my brother and sister-in-law. My apartment is too small and I'm too OCD to deal with having my own tree. I usually string up some twinkly lights in my windows, light a pine scented candle and call it a day. This year I'm more inspired since I'll actually be around for the holidays. I was inspired by decorations at a local historic property this weekend to hang ornaments in my windows from ribbons and to buy some live greens. 

I'll be sure to share images on my instagram once I've added my holiday touches. How do you plan to decorate for this festive season?

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