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Monday, December 30

Delightful Design: Boathouse Bunkee

Since I arrived in my dear, dear Florida there has been nothing but gloomy clouds and thunderstorms. Somewhat unusual for this time of year. Good thing we have coffee a-plenty and I have a several books waiting to be read on my Kindle. This summer retreat caught my eye the other day. Built over a boathouse, this cozy little bunkee seems like the perfect place to spend rainy days drinking coffee and doing jigsaw puzzles or a wonderful place to host dinner for friends after a day spent on the water. 

I love the v-groove walls, especially how they continued the pattern onto the kitchen drawer faces. That is one bad-ass coffee machine. Clearly the owners value coffee or tea about as much as I do. I approve. Love the blues, grays and deep wood stain happening in this space. 

And the worlds most amazing bunk beds - there's a twin to this one right on the other side. These bring back memories of summer camp, cramped family summer homes and pillow fights. In the best way possible. There's no way these bunks have lumpy mattresses and scratchy sheets. 

Optimal jigsaw puzzle territory. I can also imagine friends gathered around while someone plucks out a tune on the resident guitar. 

{Images via Skona Hem}

Friday, December 27

Green-Gray Goodness

 I know. Another kitchen. In the span of about two weeks. I have a problem but hopefully you all enjoy looking at lovely kitchens as much as I do. You may recall a fantastic summer cabin kitchen I blogged about a few months ago belonging to Smitten Studio's Sarah Sherman Samuel, if not remind yourself! Well she's done it again, this time with her city home's kitchen. 

My jaw dropped when I discovered that the lovely image I found on pinterest was a kitchen whose bones were Ikea cabinets updated with gorgeous doors and drawers from SemiHandmade. Gorgeous, right? I'm loving the green-gray she chose fro the lower cabinets, Farrow and Ball's Pigeon. Over several blogposts she talks about her decision to have the cabinet doors professional sprayed rather than tackle the project herself. I think I'm going to investigate the costs to have my kitchen cabinets refinished. Saving myself the horror and stress of painting them myself will far outweigh whatever the fiscal cost. 

{Images via Smitten Studios}

Friday, December 20

Deck the Halls...

Or just create a festive holiday tablescape for your family and friends.  This year at Thanksgiving, though my brother and sister-in-law hosted, I got to set the table with their beautiful crystal glassware, intricate silver flatware and fine china. Such a treat! 

I'm slowly acquiring my own fancy things, like my great-grandmother's silver settings (I still need to look up the pattern) and my lovely new gold flatware. If I was setting the table this Christmas I'd probably mix the antique silver with the gold flatware, use my everyday white dinner plates layered with a decorative salad plate and gorgeous linens. I like the idea of keeping the centerpiece simple, using fresh greenery gold, white or crystal candlesticks and some sparkling ornaments mixed in among the green. 

This festive setting by Cassandra of Coco + Kelley is my favorite tablescape of those I've seen this season. Gilded but not over-the-top lovely. The Etoiles pattern from Bernardaud is beyond everything. 

Can you go wrong with Tartan? No. My Scottish blood's word is law. But, my goodness, my clan's tartan is a bit loud. I prefer the green and blue hunting version. You have to love our motto though: I Shine, Not Burn. 

Oh, those cozy blankets. This would be the best place to enjoy a long Christmas breakfast full of laughter or dinner after playing joyfully all afternoon in the snow! 

{ Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }

Thursday, December 19

Picks of the Week 12.19.12

This week's picks were inspired by this holiday dress I just couldn't live without from Anthropologie. I was on the fence about the purchase at first but then decided I couldn't live without this beautiful petal pink, sequined confection. It will be the perfect party dress for the holidays and for springtime fetes.  For some reason this dress brings to mind Champagne Rose and Champagne is always a good idea!

Sources // 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 // Sources

Please ignore the poor choice of model in the image below. She looks like she needs a hamburger or maybe some True Blood. I'm not quite sure which. At the very least, a hairbrush. Rest assured, the dress looks amazing even on a regular human.

Wednesday, December 18

Snow Day

We added another couple of inches yesterday to the accumulation of snow and ice. What is it about snowstorms that compel one to curl up under a blanket with a large cup of something hot? Instead of working at my desk in an uncomfortably chair I spent the majority of my day working from my faux fur draped armchair. And I have to say, I think I was more productive in a cozy environment. Maybe I should invest in some more faux fur throws and hides this winter?

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 }

Friday, December 13

Kitchen Obsession Anonymous

Two kitchen posts in one week? I bet you're all thinking she's at it again, about to start hating on her shoebox-puke-green kitchen. And you're mostly right. Because who wouldn't trade a shoebox-puke-green kitchen for this masterpiece. I had friends over for dinner last night and we all had to squeeze in - standing room only - while I cooked. It did have its benefits though - if I needed anything from the fridge while at the stove all I had to do was verbalize my request and the army of sous chefs passed in down the line. I digress...

The obvious I hate my kitchen spiel wasn't the only thing that lead to this post. Yesterday I spent a solid three hours helping a client choose hardware for multiple rooms in her new home including her kitchen and pantry. And let me tell you, there are there some really drool-worthy options out there. I'm particularly enamored with the hardware used in this kitchen - the edge bin pulls on the lower drawers and the latches on the upper cabinets. The oil rubbed bronze finish is also a lovely foil to the white on white on white happening in this space. 

Two-inch thick Carrara countertops. I die. And let's all just take a minute to admire the raw wood vent hood. 

{Images via Rejuvenation}

Thursday, December 12

Picks of the Week 12.12.13

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is
Barbie's Dream House
A Pony
Naturally Straight Hair with No Frizz


Of course, I wouldn't say no to any of these Picks of the Week. No Christmas is complete without a little tartan and this so scarf looks soft and cozy. As does this hand-crocheted hat. Would you believe it if I told you that up until yesterday the only winter hat I owned was orangey-red and whenever I wear it I vaguely resemble Mr. Smee from Peter Pan? You don't? Well, bless you. 

After presents and Christmas morning breakfast I love to curl up and listen to Christmas Carols, perhaps  using this stylish blue-tooth enabled speaker from Tivoli? I also never fail to ask for a few lovely design-travel-cook books so I have pretty things to daydream with while I demolish the bag of twizzlers left in my stocking. That Zodiac Constellation print would look killer mixed in with my ever growing gallery wall. And I don't care what certain relatives, whom shall remain nameless, have said about this media cabinet, I sill love it! 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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Tuesday, December 10

Old World Eclectic

If I could live in any kind of apartment, it would definitely be an old world apartment. The kind created out of the grand old mansions of Europe with their high ceilings, french windows and those wonderful herringbone floors. I'm loving this eclectic mix of old world architecture with modern fixtures and a bold cabinet color. 

Put A Bow On It

When I was little I loved a good hair bow. The bigger the better. I remember quite clearly my seven-year-old self being devastated after losing a favorite bow on a long flight back from a skiing holiday.  Maybe it's the fact that I spent a large portion of last night wrapping Christmas presents or maybe I never truly outgrew my obsession but I seem to have collected a number of hair-style inspiration images that all involve bows. I may need to order from french velvet ribbon for a throwback holiday hair-style. 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5}

Monday, December 9

Sick Day

I've been feeling incredibly under-the-weather since the weekend so I'm giving myself another day to recuperate. Of course, the wet snowy-raining mess that is the weather today isn't helping. Hopefully these two pups, decked out in their Christmas best, bring a smile to your face this dreary Monday morning!

{Image via Pinterest}

Friday, December 6

A Desk When You Want It

 Ever since spying this secretary desk, I've been reconsidering the whole Dining Table/Desk combination I'm living with at the moment. I could fit a chic little secretary desk somewhere in my living room. Closing up shop for the night would be as simple as flipping the lid closed. No more neatly (or messily) piling up the day's work in an unused portion of the dining table in order to use it to eat. I'd love to find a vintage piece that I can repurpose, keeping the outer cabinet a tame neutral but bringing a bold pop of color on the inside!

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6}

Wednesday, December 4

The Television Dilemma

When I was young friends and family all seemed to have one method for incorporating the television (my mother refers to it as the idiot box) into the decor - hide the damn eyesore in a gigantic floor to ceiling wardrobe. It's true, those gigantic dinosaurs of the 80s and 90s were hideous to look at but sometimes those media cabinets were equally awful. Thank goodness for the modern age where televisions are now sleek and thin. So sleek and thin that we can leave them in plain sight. So sleek and thin that they are perfectly camouflaged by a great gallery wall, keeping one's eyes from seeking out the idiot box when it's not in use. 

I also think from the number of mid-century dressers featured in this image round up that I really do need to buy this one to replace my bulky old ikea media stand. 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6a / 6b / 7 / 8}