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Monday, November 11

Southern Comfort: The Southerner's Handbook

Though I was born and raised south of the Mason-Dixie, I'm enough of a Southerner to realize I'm not a true Southerner. Shame, really. I've been a Garden & Gun reader from the very beginning having discovered this gem of a magazine while in Virginia for my brother's wedding some odd years ago. It's one of the few magazines that I'll read cover to cover, word for word even if I don't particularily need to know how to train a bird dog or prepare southern-prized oysters. 

The writers and contributors have a special way with words that's much coveted though hardly realized in many a periodical. It should come as no surprise, then, that I devoured The Southerner's Handbook. It's taken pride of place on coffee table where I can easily snatch it up to re-read a few pages whenever I need. Where else are ordinary human beings going to get the answers to such mysteries as: 

What is Bourbon Anyway?
The Southern Woman's Sartorial Essentials
How to Fall Off a Horse 
(tip, it's a gentle tuck & roll approach)
Why Porch Ceilings are painted Haint Blue and while we're at it, what's a Haint?
Start a Party, Keep it Going and Send Those Well Meaning Though Dim Remaining Guests Home

I promise, you'll enjoy this collection of southern-isms.  You'll even find yourself intrigued by the bits about dove shoots, fly-fishing and handling snakes.

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