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Tuesday, November 12

Kitchen Lust: Modern Marble

It started with this kitchen. 

Oh my, that countertop! The dark charcoal paint! The herringbone floor! But above all that countertop! And suddenly my next one-hundred pins were of a similar vein, forgive the pun. I'm not a proclaimed lover of modern spaces of the "sleek and streamlined variety but I do love some Carrara and this images are dramatic! My spare change jar has turned into the "New Countertop Fund." I guess this is one of those instances where I should be grateful for my closet size kitchen; less counter square footage significantly reduces the number of years I'll be adding pennies to the fund. 

Speaking of the kitchen transformation, at the rate I'm going, I'll have enough money for Carrara before I've even painted the cabinets. For a shoebox, there are certainly enough doors and drawer fronts, twenty two to be precise. Got to get on that. Here's a late News Year's Resolution, paint six doors every weekend. Let's see if I can stick to this goal...

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