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Tuesday, November 26

Acquisition: Golden Flatware

Like most of you, probably, I've been coveting gold flatware since West Elm made the Cambridge Silversmith's set famous. A couple weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger during a sale that was too good to miss saving myself a good sixty dollars on place settings for eight. Now, don't laugh, but I haven't used it yet! I'm too afraid to mess it up which is silly because the idea was to use as my daily utensils. Replacing the 30+ year old stainless steal set I think came off my dad's old boat. My parents are staying with me this week for the holiday so I know my mother will open all of it for me, forcing me to use it. She's good like that. My next dilemma is how to store it? It's so beautiful that I'm hesitant to shove it in a drawer only to be seen when used. I love these images with the flatware displayed/stored in mason jars and glasses. I could go for that...

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Monday, November 25

Subtle Changes

 For several months I've been unhappy with my living room, the largest room in my tiny apartment where I spend the majority of my time. Something wasn't quite right, however it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I isolated the issue. It wasn't my media console, though I'd still like to swap that out for the right piece. It wasn't the styling of my bookshelves, though they now look one-hundred times better. It turned out to be my accent pillows, the ones heavy on the pink. I loved these pillows, I still love them but I just don't love them in my home. Sounds confusing, right? Turns out, while I love vibrant colors in other spaces, my crazed brain needs a place to chill out at the end of the day. And that neutral space doesn't include bright pops of pink.  My favorite color is blue. I grew up in a place surrounded by water. It's only natural that to create a soothing, happy environment I needed to use blue and aqua as accent colors with my otherwise white and gray color palette. It's amazing what a simple pillow swap can achieve. Check my Instagram later today see my new color scheme at work. 

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Wednesday, November 20

Shop: The Everygirl

Did you already hear the news? The Everygirl just launched their very own online shop, just in time for the holidays. I follow a lot of blogs but The Everygirl is in my top-five. The inner circle of blogs that even if my day is hectic and rushed, I'll make time to read. I love the selection of inspirational quotes from the talented women who have been featured on TEG, beautifully rendered onto iPhone cases or designed to display amongst your budding gallery wall. I can think of a few ladies, myself included, who'd love to receive some of these items for Christmas. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the shop, now.

{Images via The Everygirl}

Tuesday, November 19

Embracing the (Faux) Fur

 I was out and about on Sunday when I purchased a rather uncharacteristic addition to my uber preppy wardrobe: a (faux) fur vest. I was on the hunt for warm formal wear since this year I'll be spending the major holidays up north and my usual cache of Lilly Pulitzers won't cut it. I've seen lots of glamorous ladies sporting fur this fall so while I was grabbing one of everything to try on I reached for a vest just for the hell of it. And then I took it home. It looked awesome with my jeans and sweater.  I think my waspy ancestors would approve so long as I pair it with my pearls. After all they probably galavanted around town in the real deal!

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Monday, November 18

Delightful Design: The Weekend Farm

I hate unpainted wood finishes on walls, cabinets and furnishings. I think I may have written those words early-on in my posting days. I've since learned the errors of my naive ways. The latest proof comes in the form of this beautiful country retreat featured in House and Home this month. I have this romantic notion of winter:  snow-covered pastures, evergreen woods and a traditional farmhouse, complete with roaring fire and hot chocolate. This is that house. The rustic luxe approach, keeping furnishings neutral to ensure the rough, hand-hew woodwork takes center stage.  

Oh dear lord, that ceiling! It's breathtaking. 

Thursday, November 14

Picks of the Week 11.14.13

The first flurry of the year hit earlier this week. Cue the panic about the frigid temperatures! Okay, calm down. Here are some essentials you'll need to survive winter. Along with cashmere accessories, a parka with a faux-fur hood is a must. That fur not only looks stylish but it keeps those pesky flakes off your face while you make your way to work during snowstorm. And those pants? They're velvet and super comfortable. Admittedly, probably not the best to actual wear while it's snowing. 

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Wednesday, November 13

Welcome Home to Black & White

Entries. They can get real busy, real fast. Junk mail piles up. Bags and shoes are left to fend for themselves above or below the ubiquitous console table. Sometimes the umbrella just doesn't make it back into the carefully selected stand. As much fun as it may be to make these spaces colorful and enticing for visitors, perhaps simple color schemes and furnishings are best for the dwellings permanent residents. These entrances are downright soothing without giving up the drama factor, clothed in simple black and white paint. Okay, there may be one or two awesome vintage rugs or anchor wall hooks floating around too. 

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Tuesday, November 12

Kitchen Lust: Modern Marble

It started with this kitchen. 

Oh my, that countertop! The dark charcoal paint! The herringbone floor! But above all that countertop! And suddenly my next one-hundred pins were of a similar vein, forgive the pun. I'm not a proclaimed lover of modern spaces of the "sleek and streamlined variety but I do love some Carrara and this images are dramatic! My spare change jar has turned into the "New Countertop Fund." I guess this is one of those instances where I should be grateful for my closet size kitchen; less counter square footage significantly reduces the number of years I'll be adding pennies to the fund. 

Speaking of the kitchen transformation, at the rate I'm going, I'll have enough money for Carrara before I've even painted the cabinets. For a shoebox, there are certainly enough doors and drawer fronts, twenty two to be precise. Got to get on that. Here's a late News Year's Resolution, paint six doors every weekend. Let's see if I can stick to this goal...

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Monday, November 11

Southern Comfort: The Southerner's Handbook

Though I was born and raised south of the Mason-Dixie, I'm enough of a Southerner to realize I'm not a true Southerner. Shame, really. I've been a Garden & Gun reader from the very beginning having discovered this gem of a magazine while in Virginia for my brother's wedding some odd years ago. It's one of the few magazines that I'll read cover to cover, word for word even if I don't particularily need to know how to train a bird dog or prepare southern-prized oysters. 

The writers and contributors have a special way with words that's much coveted though hardly realized in many a periodical. It should come as no surprise, then, that I devoured The Southerner's Handbook. It's taken pride of place on coffee table where I can easily snatch it up to re-read a few pages whenever I need. Where else are ordinary human beings going to get the answers to such mysteries as: 

What is Bourbon Anyway?
The Southern Woman's Sartorial Essentials
How to Fall Off a Horse 
(tip, it's a gentle tuck & roll approach)
Why Porch Ceilings are painted Haint Blue and while we're at it, what's a Haint?
Start a Party, Keep it Going and Send Those Well Meaning Though Dim Remaining Guests Home

I promise, you'll enjoy this collection of southern-isms.  You'll even find yourself intrigued by the bits about dove shoots, fly-fishing and handling snakes.