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Tuesday, October 8

Who are these kids?

And why are the dressed ten-times better than me? That's what I think every time one of these stylish tots comes across my pinterest feed. I sometimes even think my three-year-old niece dresses better than me even when her chosen outfit is a pair of leggings, a striped accented by a ballet tutu, assembled in less than five minutes. Meanwhile, it took me thirty minutes and multiple outfit changes to dress myself yesterday morning. What is wrong with this picture? Obviously, the solution is to buy a tutu. Just kidding... but I do sometimes wish that J.Crew made some of their kiddos clothes for adults too. 

And let's never mind that generally within three minutes of putting on fresh clothes, kiddos attract stains like a magnet...

{Images via Pinterest}


  1. Have you seen "my imaginary well dressed toddler daughter"? Pretty funny stuff!

    1. Yes, I have! It's amazing and scary at the same time. My children will wear indestructible garments, no baby cashmere for them!