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Tuesday, October 29

More Subway Tiled Walls

With yesterday's post still fresh in my mind, I collected a grouping of gorgeous kitchens with one common theme. Stunning subway tiles, floor to ceiling. These 3 x 6 ceramic basics were first made popular when used in New York City's metro system in the early 1900s. This little bricks are powerhouses, durable and stain resistant they were the perfect choice for the Subway tunnels and later in our homes as moisture and heat barriers in bathrooms and kitchens. 

{Images via Pinterest}

Monday, October 28

Kitchen Crush: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

I've blogged before about projects from Jessica Helgerson and her design team based in the Pacific Northwest but one of her recent projects absolutely needed to be featured here. This project, re-imagining a Victorian kitchen for modern use, is executed to perfection. All the style elements of a subterranean kitchen from the 1900s, brought upstairs for homeowners of today. The floor to ceiling subway tile partnered with built-in storage and light fixtures bring to mind the workplaces of days past. The long farmer's table and black wooded chairs also evoke what would have been placed in staff dining rooms. And let's not forget about the yellow settee, the perfect place to sit with a good book or the Sunday newspaper. 

Thursday, October 24

A Little Desk Space

A few years ago I rearranged the layout of my apartment. I bought a few new furniture pieces which meant losing a few others. One of those items was a desk. Oh, I have dining table, it'll be fine. So I thought. Turns out, I miss having a desk. I hate having a table strewn with paperwork, magazines, pens, pencils, etc that I have to shove aside whenever I sit down for a meal. I especially miss having a desk whenever some great workspaces come across my pinterest feed. 

Perhaps I can find room for a petite little gem like this one...

This lucite desk. This is everything. There are no words for the gorgeousness. 

I love this space, though the clutter on the table hits a little close to home... but those windows and the the architectural details! 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 }

Monday, October 21

Vanity Organization

Due to my lack of bathroom surface space, I use my dresser for storing jewelry, hair accessories and make-up. Since I'm a bit of a neat-freak, over-organizer it's surprising to me that my dresser top is in a constant state of disarray. It's not total chaos with a variety of trays and containers but it's definitely not tidy. Maybe neat-freak is not meant to be. Anyone have an organization secrets for all these little moving pieces? 

{Images via Pinterest}

Wednesday, October 16

A Very Tory Holiday

I happend across Tory Burch's Holiday Lookbook the other day and instantly fell for her palette of navy and blush pink highlighted with a little sparkle and just the right amount of lace. While, undoubtedly, these fashions would look just as amazing in the more traditional holiday colors I really enjoy that Tory decided to step out of the box a bit, just as luxurious as gold or black yet a bit more ethereal and glamourous. 

These are my particular favorites from the collection. I may just have to make a trip to my local boutique and then cry in the dressing room when I fall in love with a piece that's out of my price range. 

 \\ Left + Right //

\\ Left + Right //

{Images via Tory Burch}

Tuesday, October 15

A Sophisticated Little Boy's Room

I loved this sophisticated little boy's room featured in Canadian House & Home. A combination of family heirlooms and quirky accents is a refreshing take on the "Big Boy Room" without the emphasis on dinosaurs, pirates or trucks. Just swap out the sheets and desk in a few years and this room will easily transition from Little Boy to Bigger Boy to Young Adult. 

I decided to pull together a similarly sophisticated boy's room but instead of spaceship accents, I found these amazing fox sheets from Serena and Lily and it just escalated from there. I do have a minor obsession with the fox, after all.

Sources // 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Monday, October 14

Blue Rug Love

It's no secret to those who know me that blue and its fellow shades are some of my favorite colors. I love the way these blue rugs anchor more neutral spaces. 

It just so happens that Joss & Main is having an awesome rug sale today with a ton of blue options. The below are just some of my favorites...

{Images via Pinterest and Joss & Main}

Wednesday, October 9

Astley Castle: A Medieval & Modern Marvel

Traditionally speaking, in Britain, when a castle, manor or palatial residence is considered of historic or national significance there are rather strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to when preserving the property. Astley Castle, a fortified manor in Warwickshire has proved an exception to the rule. Occupied since the Saxon's ruled England, the castle was also home to three queens. Elizabeth Woodville and her daughter Elizabeth of York as well as the nine-day queen, Lady Jane Grey. 

Sadly it's slide into ruination began after being gutted by fire in the 1970s. With no funds for resotration and no interior finishes or fixtures left to replicate, the potential for traditional preservation seemed grim. In a last ditch effort The Landmark Trust posed an unheard of solution, bring the castle into the 21st century.

This rather radical solution has certainly paid off. The result is a fantastic juxtaposition of modern architecture and medieval stonework. And I'm not the only one to think so, the restoration of Astley won this year's prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize, awarded to the architect or architectural firm that has demonstrated the greatest addition to the evolution of architecture during the year. 

No words. I just want to throw a party in this space. How amazing is this? 

Want to experience this architectural fusion for yourself? Why not book a stay, it sleeps eight!

{Images via The Landmark Trust}