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Friday, September 13

The New Updo

Summer came back with a vengeance these past two days here in Massachusetts, I speculate that the weather was especially brutal due to the fact that Team EGD was styling a photo shoot. Every shoot this summer seemed to be on abominably hot days. As a long-haired gal I need to corral my locks up and away from my neck and back during the hot weather. Otherwise, I'm miserable. Simple, throw it up into a high pony or top knot, right? Yes and no. I find myself having to constantly fix my hair in these styles which is irritating, especially when I'm on the go all day long running around the city or just up and down flights of stairs in a town home. Enter, the "Princess" or "Gibson" roll style. Basically, secure all your hair in an elegant manner using only a headband elastic and hairspray. 

I've wanted to try this style all summer but none of the "how-to" posts floating around were very helpful. Until, I discovered a video on Birchbox's blog. It really can't be easier, practice once or twice and soon you'll be creating this look with ease. 

You can even wrap hair all the way around the front of the headband if it's not a fancy one. Added bonus, put your hair up like this in the morning and before heading out for the evening, take it down and you'll have the most amazing curls. My hair never stays curled, even when professionals attempt it but mine lasted until all evening and then some! 

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