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Tuesday, September 10

An Entertainer's Table

I'm back. Did you miss me? I missed posting but am glad I took a little break, I desperately needed that bit of breathing room. My summer felt like a whirlwind and I can hardly believe that it is already fall. Yet all the signs are there, the air is chiller, the sun sets earlier and the one-way street I live once again turns into a parking lot twice a day with the neighborhood school back in session. Another sign is that I have long since tired of throwing together salads for dinner and am craving getting back into the kitchen again. Along with this comes the desire to feed my culinary masterpieces to my friends and family. And I would, if only my dining table wasn't covered in work papers all the time. Perhaps that's why I've been pinning up a storm of fabulous farmhouse tables...

Amazing light in this dining room, no? P.S. This is a rental...

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  1. Yeah, you are back!!! Enjoyed getting glimpses of you on EOS, but this is much better.