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Monday, August 12

New Flooring?

There are a few situations one never wishes to wake up to in the middle of the night, one of them being waiting leaking into your apartment. Thankfully it was not a surging of water but rather a seeping and it was a phone call from the front desk that woke me up. But I spent the next hour trying to plug the door while simultaneously trying to mop up what had submerged my front entry, closet and kitchen. All with my good towels (since really, unless you live in a house, you only have good towels) so it goes without saying that as the source of this water is dubious, I'll be getting some new good towels in the next few days. And now I'm up blogging about it while I wait for the service team to come do a more thorough job instead of going back to bed. And the best news, I wont have running water until they figure out where the break started. I doubt this mini flood will result in having to install new wood flooring but a girl can dream and should be dreaming at five in the morning. Here's a few gorgeous floors I wouldn't mind having in my condo. 

{Images via Pinterest}

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