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Wednesday, August 14

Kitchen Lust: Country Casual

One of the first things my father said to me when I told him about the water that made its way from my neighbor's condo into mine was "Can you get a new kitchen out of it?" Sadly, no. But kitchens are now, once again, on my mind as he and I decided that the amount of work painting and adding new countertops, floors and sink would be expensive enough so it would be more cost effective to rip everything out and start anew. I like this plan, it's just going to be many years before it comes to fruition. Anyway, recently I've seen a bunch of country style kitchens that I've loved. Certainly not for my apartment, but they're the perfect kitchens for vacations homes or if, you know, you actually live in the country. What I love about this grouping is they have just enough modern elements to keep them from looking, well, hokey. And they isn't a pig, duck or other farmyard animal wallpaper, curtains or knick knacks in sight! I just shuddered at that image, didn't you? Let's look as some awesome kitchens now...

Love the rustic island paired with the white, simple cabinets. 

That vent hood kills me. as do the concrete counter tops and mix and match of vintage bar stools. 

I just love this image, I can't tell you why. It feels like the perfect woodsy, lake cottage kitchen. Almost seems like the owners could have hand-planned all that raw wood from trees on their own property. 

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1 comment:

  1. I love that first kitchen image. The bright white, the wood and the subway tiles--love!! great find! And good luck with your water damage.. :(