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Monday, August 5

Flowers In Your Hair

I've noticed recently that the latest hairstyle craze involves a rather lovely accessory, I'm referring to fresh flowers, of course. Crafted into floral crowns or woven directly into delicate up-dos. I love the ethereal quality of these crowns embody, crafted with wither lush or delicate blooms. They're not at all similar to the flimsy variety from the free-love-for-all generation.  

Would you ever consider wearing flowers in your hair? I have to confess, I already have. It's a tradition familiar to other Miss Porters Ancients, wearing a daisy crown on graduation day. I'm terribly sorry to say that the image of me in my white dress and floral headpiece smoking a Cuban cigar, another rather scandalous tradition, has not been digitized...

Interested in trying your hand at crafting your own flower crown? This tutorial doesn't look too challenging. 

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