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Tuesday, August 27

Day 13 of Bloggers-Block

You may have noticed the absence of new posts around these parts. Let this serve as confirmation that I am indeed not a wizard. Working two creative gigs, keeping up with friends during these busy summer months and coming up with daily inspiration for my followers has left me feeling a bit burnt out. 

For the past thirteen days I've attempted to sit down and write posts but I've always been distracted by work related matters, bone tired after a long day or simply left uninspired after trolling through the internet and pinterest. After talking with a few fellow bloggers I'm feeling okay about letting myself have some breathing room. I'll be back to my regular posting, reinvigorated, after Labor Day. I hope, my dear readers, you can understand and relate to my need for a little headspace. 

In the meantime, you can still find me on Pinterest and Instagram!  Have you seen my images (and many more) from #theflowerpotluck hosted by the lovely Lauren, Cambria and Krissy? If you haven't, you'll be excited to see that my dream of wearing a flower crown once more (sans cigar smoking) came true at this amazing event...

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