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Friday, August 9

Comfy Workday Wear

Today I have a busy morning full of back to back phone calls, arranging deliveries and verifying tile pricing. But then a little fun planned in the afternoon on a site visit to my client's cape house. So what do I where to be both comfortable and appropriately dressy? Something in between these two images. Naturally it will probably involve some shade of blue or white as those are the colors that make up 99.9% of my wardrobe. But you never know, a rouge color could appear out of nowhere. 

 I'm loving the slouchy linen shorts and stripe tee combo but I'd probably need to pair it will some sturdier shoes for the job site, don't want to step on a nail or trip over something. It's happened and it's not pretty. But since I'll be running around measuring and dodging open walls, I'll definitely want my hair up and out of my face - I've tried all the tutorials on replicating this hairstyle and so far they've all been a flop, literally, for my mane. What am I doing wrong? 

Ah ha, a rogue color, but those kelly green polka dot shorts are pretty killer. Especially paired with that peplum top... but before you know it, it's going to be fall and winter and I'll be back to my denim and tees for daily workwear. Le Sigh. 

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