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Tuesday, August 27

Day 13 of Bloggers-Block

You may have noticed the absence of new posts around these parts. Let this serve as confirmation that I am indeed not a wizard. Working two creative gigs, keeping up with friends during these busy summer months and coming up with daily inspiration for my followers has left me feeling a bit burnt out. 

For the past thirteen days I've attempted to sit down and write posts but I've always been distracted by work related matters, bone tired after a long day or simply left uninspired after trolling through the internet and pinterest. After talking with a few fellow bloggers I'm feeling okay about letting myself have some breathing room. I'll be back to my regular posting, reinvigorated, after Labor Day. I hope, my dear readers, you can understand and relate to my need for a little headspace. 

In the meantime, you can still find me on Pinterest and Instagram!  Have you seen my images (and many more) from #theflowerpotluck hosted by the lovely Lauren, Cambria and Krissy? If you haven't, you'll be excited to see that my dream of wearing a flower crown once more (sans cigar smoking) came true at this amazing event...

Wednesday, August 14

Kitchen Lust: Country Casual

One of the first things my father said to me when I told him about the water that made its way from my neighbor's condo into mine was "Can you get a new kitchen out of it?" Sadly, no. But kitchens are now, once again, on my mind as he and I decided that the amount of work painting and adding new countertops, floors and sink would be expensive enough so it would be more cost effective to rip everything out and start anew. I like this plan, it's just going to be many years before it comes to fruition. Anyway, recently I've seen a bunch of country style kitchens that I've loved. Certainly not for my apartment, but they're the perfect kitchens for vacations homes or if, you know, you actually live in the country. What I love about this grouping is they have just enough modern elements to keep them from looking, well, hokey. And they isn't a pig, duck or other farmyard animal wallpaper, curtains or knick knacks in sight! I just shuddered at that image, didn't you? Let's look as some awesome kitchens now...

Love the rustic island paired with the white, simple cabinets. 

That vent hood kills me. as do the concrete counter tops and mix and match of vintage bar stools. 

I just love this image, I can't tell you why. It feels like the perfect woodsy, lake cottage kitchen. Almost seems like the owners could have hand-planned all that raw wood from trees on their own property. 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 }

Tuesday, August 13

Delightful Design: Summer Blues

Is there anything better than shades of blue, vintage wicker and rattan and the ocean breeze? I don't think so, which is why I was enthralled with the All-American Spirit article in September's House Beautiful featuring the classic style of Tom Scheerer in a Watch Hill, Rhode Island residence. Scheerer has a canny ability to create seaside interiors which evoke the sense of a house passed down through the generations; just the right amount of stuffy and livable, with the formality of having to dress for dinner but relaxed enough to come relax in the kitchen in your sandy beach gear. 

{Interiors by Tom Scheerer // Photography by Francesco Lagnese for House Beautiful

Monday, August 12

New Flooring?

There are a few situations one never wishes to wake up to in the middle of the night, one of them being waiting leaking into your apartment. Thankfully it was not a surging of water but rather a seeping and it was a phone call from the front desk that woke me up. But I spent the next hour trying to plug the door while simultaneously trying to mop up what had submerged my front entry, closet and kitchen. All with my good towels (since really, unless you live in a house, you only have good towels) so it goes without saying that as the source of this water is dubious, I'll be getting some new good towels in the next few days. And now I'm up blogging about it while I wait for the service team to come do a more thorough job instead of going back to bed. And the best news, I wont have running water until they figure out where the break started. I doubt this mini flood will result in having to install new wood flooring but a girl can dream and should be dreaming at five in the morning. Here's a few gorgeous floors I wouldn't mind having in my condo. 

{Images via Pinterest}

Friday, August 9

Comfy Workday Wear

Today I have a busy morning full of back to back phone calls, arranging deliveries and verifying tile pricing. But then a little fun planned in the afternoon on a site visit to my client's cape house. So what do I where to be both comfortable and appropriately dressy? Something in between these two images. Naturally it will probably involve some shade of blue or white as those are the colors that make up 99.9% of my wardrobe. But you never know, a rouge color could appear out of nowhere. 

 I'm loving the slouchy linen shorts and stripe tee combo but I'd probably need to pair it will some sturdier shoes for the job site, don't want to step on a nail or trip over something. It's happened and it's not pretty. But since I'll be running around measuring and dodging open walls, I'll definitely want my hair up and out of my face - I've tried all the tutorials on replicating this hairstyle and so far they've all been a flop, literally, for my mane. What am I doing wrong? 

Ah ha, a rogue color, but those kelly green polka dot shorts are pretty killer. Especially paired with that peplum top... but before you know it, it's going to be fall and winter and I'll be back to my denim and tees for daily workwear. Le Sigh. 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 }

Thursday, August 8

Picks of the Week 8.8.13

Over the past few months I've discovered some missing links, if you pardon my pun, in my jewelry collection. I'm in desperate for long pendant necklaces and any ring other than my class rings from both high school and college. I wear those two much too often! If any of my family or friends are looking for  birthday present ideas, I'd be especially glad to receive the Ophelia Cocktail Ring in Aqua Chalcedony or the Long Druzy Pendant in Winter White from Margaret Elizabeth.

Sources // 1 Double-Tassel Necklace via J. Crew / 2 Golden Knot Earrings via J. Crew / 3 Ophelia Cocktail Ring in Aqua Chalcedony via Margaret Elizabeth / 4 Petite Signet Ring via Mark & Graham / 5 Octagon Bracelet in Majestic Blue via J. Crew / 6 Long Druzy Pendant in Winter White via Margaret Elizabeth //

Wednesday, August 7

Textured Accent Chairs

Sometimes it's necessary to break up the monotony of upholstered furniture to give a space a boost of interest through texture. It may be the Floridian and Seaside New Englander in my blood but I love mixing in bits of natural materials such as wicker, bamboo, rattan, etc. here and there throughout the home.  What better way to make this bold statement than by using these materials as an armchair or accent chair amongst your other upholstered pieces? 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 }

Tuesday, August 6

Get the Look: Layered & Patterned

 I don't know what made me pin this image, it's not at all similar to the colors I'm using in my bedroom update. That's sarcasm right there folks. While the colors may be eerily similar to those I'm using to bring color into my bedroom, this eclectic mix is a bit more adventurous and textural than mine will wind up being. But I love it all the same. All those lovely layers in shades of blue and aqua accented by fuchsia. Glorious. 

Sources // 1 Rory Bed via Crate & Barrel / 2 Aqua Pickstitch Matelasse via Serena & Lily / 3 Industrial Task Table Lamp in Antique Brass via West Elm/ 4 Fuchsia Ikat Silk Pillow via Furbish Studio / 5 / 6 Plum Herringbone Throw via Serena & Lily / 7 Overdyed Rug via Landry and Arcari

{Images via The Home Magazine}

Monday, August 5

Flowers In Your Hair

I've noticed recently that the latest hairstyle craze involves a rather lovely accessory, I'm referring to fresh flowers, of course. Crafted into floral crowns or woven directly into delicate up-dos. I love the ethereal quality of these crowns embody, crafted with wither lush or delicate blooms. They're not at all similar to the flimsy variety from the free-love-for-all generation.  

Would you ever consider wearing flowers in your hair? I have to confess, I already have. It's a tradition familiar to other Miss Porters Ancients, wearing a daisy crown on graduation day. I'm terribly sorry to say that the image of me in my white dress and floral headpiece smoking a Cuban cigar, another rather scandalous tradition, has not been digitized...

Interested in trying your hand at crafting your own flower crown? This tutorial doesn't look too challenging. 

{Images 1 / 2 / 3 }

Thursday, August 1

Picks of the Week: 8.1.13

Oh the heels of my medicine cabinet organization post, I thought I share a round-up of cute make-up bags. These colorful and patterned options are the perfect size to keeping your daily make-up ready to go whether it's just for your morning routine or to throw into your bag for daily touch-ups. I'm kind of in love with the pouches from Lulie Wallace - I love her paintings so it's no wonder I'm drawn to her whimsical fabrics. 

Sources // 1 Liberty Printed Pouch via J.Crew / 2 High Line Pouch via  J.Crew / 3 Lulie Wallace Fabric Pouches via Lulie Wallace Art / 4 Blue & White Cosmetic Bag via Furbish Studio  / 5 Electric Arrow Pouch via Anthropologie