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Tuesday, July 30

Small Space Storage: The Bathroom

Since I struggle with storage solutions in my apartment I thought I'd share some real-life storage tips from my home to yours. We'll start with the bathroom, most often the smallest space in an apartment with the exception closets. My sympathies if your closet is minuscule, I don't think I could function without my full size one. But back to the bathroom and more specifically the Medicine Cabinet. You're looking at the sole piece of storage in my entire bathroom (I have a pedestal sink so no luck there)!

Let's step inside...

Behold. I may or may not have raided The Container Store the other night. My make-up routine is fairly simple day-to-day so I keep all my essentials in that cute little Liberty London cosmetic pouch on the bottom shelf, along with washcloth storage. I have another small pouch of fancier make-up, more on that later. The second shelf is dedicated to items I reach for daily with a little help from an acrylic riser and round lucite canisters that chaos is contained but at my fingertips. The second shelf is reserved are beauty products, my collection of nail polish, and an odds and ends box. 

I used to amass small arsenals of bobby pins all over my apartment, but now, thanks to this little gizmo they all have one place to live. This means less time searching my apartment for a cache and more time to savor morning coffee.

But wait, what about that extra make-up pouch, first aid essentials and lady products? I have a collection of pouches stored beneath my towels in this lovely little basket. Ta-Da - within reach but not within sight! Well, except for the first aid pouch. I can count on both hands, literally, how many times a kitchen knife has savaged one or more of my fingers. 

Sorry for the kindergartner photos. I think my three year old niece might be able to take better photographs with her mother's phone. Goal 40,511 of 2013 is to learn how to use my camera. 

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