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Friday, July 12

Modern & Monochromatic

I love the design of this bathroom so much that I've pinned it more than once onto the same board. Unintentionally, of course, as Pinterest only recently added the "you pinned this already, moron" feature. It's modern and sleek which are usually not my favorite designs but I find myself mesmerized. Is it the gorgeous grayscale tiles on the floor, the beveled edged subway tiles? The sauna? Who am I kidding, it's all of those things that draw my eye! When I update the 1950's tile situation in my own bathroom I may not be bold enough to add a such graphic floor (resale value?!) but I know I'll definitely be using the beveled subways. They're so shiny and jewel-like. 

{Images via Linda Bergroth}

1 comment:

  1. Pinterest finally added that feature?!?!?! About time!