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Thursday, July 11

Indoor Tree Take Two?

Do I dare? By another indoor tree? Stave, named by a friend when we picked him up at Ikea, my indoor palm tree lasted about three months. It's unclear whether the blame for his demise rests solely on my total lack of a green thumb or partially on where he was purchased. My sights are set on a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree though I'm torn due to my indoor plant record and the rather outrageous costs of these beauties. It's amazing how these trees with their sculptural leaves bring new depth to both a simple vignette and already fabulous rooms. 

{Images via Pinterest}

1 comment:

  1. Just found you via Elements of Style. I too share a difficult relationship with houseplants and yet have an overwhelming love for the Fiddle Leaf Fig. What's a girl to do? Love your blog!