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Tuesday, May 7

The Met Gala 2013

Red Carpet reviews aren't usually something I post about but this is one annual gala that catches my eye. It's a themed costume ball at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which just happens to be one of my favorite museums. This year's theme, Punk, was an extremely tough one to interpret with fabulous couture fashion. I'll just say there have been better years. These are a few of my favorites... Sienna absolutely rocked it with a studded jacket over a silky sleek gown. She's my overall winner. I'm also admiring Taylor's gown with the beading but not loving her de rigueur hairstyle paired with it.

Michelle Dockery has certainly worn lovelier gowns but I'm loving her bling... though, again, I would have liked to see her hair styled differently. Kirsten, oh Kirsten, I think you've actually done all right by the theme. The deep green flatters her fair coloring and the cutouts along the top of the gown are both delicate and edgy.

Diane Kruger, can she do no wrong? Love her lace gown swathed in black tulle. Not pictured is her amazing hot pink tipped ponytail. And Blake Lively, I don't think she ever leaves her home when she's having a bad hair day. I don't know that I love the silvery top to this gown but I am loving the dramatic raven-like feathery creation. 

And then there's these two. Of course fur-trimmed kimono robes and orange tulle caped creations go with the punk theme! Well done, ladies. 
{Please insert the yet-to-be international symbol for sarcasm in written word}

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